Environmental Policy

At Ivy Bank we are committed to the care of the environment. We have therefore taken the following measures to minimise any impact our business may have.

  • This website is powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • All light fittings that are suitable for use with low energy bulbs have had them fitted.
  • All our radiators are thermostatically controlled. We check thermostats at each room change to ensure that they are set appropriately.
  • We have checked for dripping taps and have replaced washers as necessary.
    We invite visitors/guests to use water in a responsible manner.
  • All our paper supplies are recycled paper where possible.
  • We recycle glass, paper, plastics, cardboard, wood and metals and compost any vegetable waste.
  • We use phosphate free laundry liquid to reduce the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.
  • We do not replace towels on a daily basis, as this is often unnecessary and wasteful. We are however happy to replace towels at any time our guests may request.
  • The coffee, sugar and hot chocolate we use are supplied by “The Fairground” a local company whose products are all Fairtrade and come from growers in the developing world who have been paid a fair price.
  • We have maps and timetables for visitors, to encourage walking and use of public transport.
  • We try to reduce waste where possible.

Ivy Bank is an associate member of “Nurture Lakeland”, whose aim is to raise funds from visitors and tourism businesses to maintain and enhance the Lake District. We have a collection box in the hall and invite any of our guests who feel this is a worthy cause to make a donation.

We encourage our visitors to consider the importance of improving and maintaining the environment for future generations and if you have any suggestions about how we might improve our environmental performance we would be most pleased to hear them.